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Small Change

Hobo handbags fills us in on its exciting rebranding initiative.

Change is usually hard, but that wasn’t the case for best-selling international brand Hobo handbags.

The Annapolis-based company—founded by Toni Ray, her daughter, Koren Ray, and her son-in-law, David Brewer—has been providing on-trend, functional, and quality leather goods and accessories for more than 20 years. But with the shifting retail climate, the brand decided it was the perfect time to evolve along with the consumer, who is looking to make a more personal connection to the things they buy.

“Our rebranding is very firmly rooted in our heritage,” explains Koren Ray. “Nothing about the essence of our DNA is being shifted or changed in any way. It’s really just an opportunity to open up the dialogue with our customer and share our story in a way that we’ve never done.”

The first steps of the rebranding were to update the Annapolis store and reimagine the brand’s well-known “Hobo Joe” icon. The new logo, dubbed the Hobo “journey” symbol, resembles the infinity sign and is a visual manifestation of the new energy being infused into the brand.

“It isn’t just about selling bags,” says Ray. “We believe in finding the poetry in material things. We believe . . . your possessions should reflect your journey and deserve to be designed with purpose and integrity.”

Along with the company’s rebranding, Hobo has made small updates to some of its most popular products, injecting them with a new energy and style.

“Consumers are smart and real,” says Ray. “They are living their lives just like we are, and to be able to interact with products and brands that ring true to their values makes a world of difference.”