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Mix Master

How to mix your favorite patterns and printed pieces.

Pattern-mixing is one of the most intimidating fashion risks we take. Polka dots with animal prints? Stripes with florals? Will this make us look chic or . . . insane? There are many ways to mix your favorite printed pieces. The key is to start simple and go bolder as you gain confidence.

Beginner: Monochromatic print + bold print.
Pair a monochromatic print like a check or a polka dot with a brighter print of your choice. Easiest way to do this is to think of an outfit you’ve worn and take away the solid colored piece and replace it with a printed piece of the same color.

Intermediate: Bold print + bold print with unifying colors.
Pair daring prints that share colors for a bit of an edgier mix. Be sure to match colors first, and not to focus on the actual print itself.

Expert: Monochromatic print + bold print + bold print with unifying colors.
After you have mastered pairing two patterns with unifying colors, try adding in one more monochromatic pattern. Mix prints of different scales so that it is easy to differentiate where one ends and the others begin. And remember, leopard is a neutral.