How to Rock The Maximalist Fashion Trend

This spring, we're all about the more is more philosophy.

Rachel Hinch - March 2020

How to Rock The Maximalist Fashion Trend

This spring, we're all about the more is more philosophy.

Rachel Hinch - March 2020

-Illustration by Danielle Dernoga

Out with the old and in with the bold—this spring we’re all about the more is more philosophy. While classic pared-down looks—such as straight-leg jeans and a structured white button-down—will always be in style, trends this season will have you stepping outside your comfort zone. In short, maximalism is coming in hot!

Thanks to bright patterns, daring textures, and billowy silhouettes, you’ll be able to let go of all the familiar style rules and have some fun. But before you strut out in an oversized neon jacket and leopard patterned skirt, we have a few tips to help craft an over-the-top look that’s more chic than kooky.


Throw caution to the wind and forget everything you learned about matching. Mixing fur and lace textures, pairing plaid with orals, or simply wearing green and orange in the same outfit is what will bring new life into your spring apparel. If loud and bright isn’t quite your thing yet, sticking to the same color families when mixing prints is our favorite mismatch starter tip.


Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between creative and chaotic. Prevent wardrobe malfunction by striking a balance in your maxed-out look. Ornament your outfit evenly from head-to-toe. Ruffled tops do best with structured trousers. Two prints and one texture is enough. When it comes to jewelry, both hands full of rings, large dangle earrings, and one sparkling necklace is sufficient. It all sounds very complicated, but start small, adding details as you get more comfortable. Follow your instincts—you’ll know when too much is, well, too much.


True to its name, when it comes to maximalism, bigger is always better. Dresses with tiered skirts, jackets with shoulder pads, and blouses with ruffled hems are gladly accepted into a maximalist’s closet. Perhaps more intimidating to try, this styling is actually fairly simple to pull off. All you need is one statement item. With shops bringing in new fashions with puffed sleeves, voluminous tops are going to be your go-to.


When going bold, layers are a simple way to add character. A printed jacket can do the trick. Feel free to get creative, though: An animal-printed duster over a blazer and turtleneck? Easy, striking, and still sophisticated. But don’t forget—maximalists are typically known for their artful accessories. Layering five necklaces of varying lengths and a wrist full of bracelet cuffs is what it’s all about.

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