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Men's Festive Fashion Guide

What every well-dressed man will be wearing this season.

Trends: As they continue to take more fashion risks in their everyday wardrobe, men are starting to factor in seasonal trends when considering what to buy.

“Instead of the traditional flat pockets, we are seeing [coats and blazers] with rounded patch pockets,” says Craig Martin of The QG. “Men are starting to pop in color now, and color is huge. We are seeing dark greens and rusts as the color palette for fall.”

The trend gap is closing between Baltimore and larger cities thanks to these non-traditional takes on classic menswear.

Fabric: A variety of fabrics also are making a resurgence in menswear. Suede, brushed twill, chunky cashmere, and tweed are sure to be popular in the coming months. Mixing materials and patterns not only adds interest to your outfit, but also texture.

Fit: An essential part of any ensemble is fit. Having your clothing tailored to fit can make all the difference in how confident you feel. The smallest touches—like taking in the sides of a jacket or shortening the sleeves—can go a long way.

“A big part that a lot of people miss out on is the sleeve lengths being incorrect,” says Seth Schafer of Christopher Schafer Clothier. “If you are in between sizes, which is very common, it is very rare for you to be able to walk into a department store and buy a well-fitting suit.”

Of course, the clothier says the best guarantee of a good fit is a bespoke suit. “But just getting stuff altered allows you to find a piece that maybe you didn’t spend a lot of money on, but [will] look really sharp,” he says.