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Pretty in Plaid

A modern take on the classic pattern.

Plaid is back (did it ever really leave?) and better than ever in fresh colors and forms. “They always say, if you see it on three runways, that’s it—it’s a trend. And it was everywhere,” Annapolis-based personal stylist Michele Deckman says of these bold new plaids.

No matter the palette, the styling strategy of Vanessa Pivec, owner of Green Spring Station’s Panache, seems to work. “I tend to pair my cream and white cashmere sweaters with a great plaid pant or skirt. And there’s so much white this season—I think it really pops the plaid on the bottom half,” Pivec explains. When it comes to the risky—but rewarding—plaid on plaid, our experts advise caution. “One of the pieces has to be a brighter plaid, and the other has to be less of a shocker,” Pivec suggests. When looking for a more muted piece, Deckman suggests we opt for “a classic black and grey plaid, and then it’s almost like a neutral.”

And for home décor? “I wouldn’t go crazy and mix a ton of plaids together,” says Carmen Brock, owner of Hampden’s Trohv. “Using plaid as an accent instead of a main theme is what makes it so charming.”

[Above images, clockwise from top left: Plaid jacket ($98) at Brightside Boutique. Almanac Industries card holder ($35) at Trohv. Pixel plaid pleated dress ($418) at Panache. Napkin ($6) at Trohv. Checkered border mini-skirt ($240) at Panache.]