Charmed Life

Style File: Milk and Ice Vintage

Get to know Kate Thomas and Angie Gavin from Milk and Ice Vintage.
Milk Ice 05

How did you get the name for your boutique?
AG: Milk and Ice is because we both grew up loving milk with ice, specifically with pasta. We found out that a lot of people don’t like it, but we thought the name was just very us.

Do you have a go-to saying or motto?
AG and KT: “Work smarter not harder.”
AG: It’s kind of “dad-ish.”
KT: We really do work smarter, not harder, though. I mean, we work pretty damn hard.
AG: But we’re learning.

No outfit is complete without . . .
KT: A jean jacket. All year round, it really completes an outfit.
AG: If you don’t wear it, at least have one in your car.

What are your current favorite and least favorite trends?
AG: We’re both kind of tomboys so when that starts to become popular, which we’ve been seeing lately, it’s easier and very comfortable for us to embrace that.
KT: And it shows no limits for women. We don’t have to wear dresses and stuff to feel confident. We can wear jeans and T-shirts and feel good. My least favorite: It’s got to be a mini-backpack.
AG: Yes! A clutch is a much more chic way to have a small purse.

Our top picks:
Lumberjack plaid puffy vest ($21); Patty Boyd dress ($65); Bow pins ($5/each).