Charmed Life

Style File: Sweet Elizabeth Jane

Get to know the ladies of this Ellicott City sweet spot.

Welcome to our new recurring column Style File, where we highlight and get to know a bit more about our favorite local businesses and the lovely, very hardworking people behind them. We met up with Brittany Burroughs (left, store manager) and Mariah Cohee (right, purchasing and merchandise coordinator) at this charming Ellicott City boutique to pick their brains and do a little exploring. Now we’re sharing all the juicy details and some of our favorite picks.

What is the vision behind Sweet Elizabeth Jane?
MC: The motto for Sweet Elizabeth Jane is “urban girl, vintage soul.” The owner, Tammy Beideman, loves creating a magical environment for her customers. She is all about the overall experience.

How did Sweet Elizabeth Jane get its name?
MC: Tammy’s grandmothers were named Elizabeth and Jane.

What is your favorite item currently in Sweet Elizabeth Jane?

MC: The Picnic Stix ($14). They are great gifts, especially for this time of year.

BB: This floral Everly dress ($46). I love the high neckline. It’s just a classic and flattering dress.

What is your guilty pleasure?

MC: The Bachelor and Bachelorette. I make sure to catch up every week.

BB: Shopping. I shop way too much.

What is your favorite saying/motto?
BB: “If it’s a so-so, it’s a no-no.” I use that a lot in the dressing room. I also love: “Buy the dress. The occasion will come.” Women always come in and are like, I love this but when will I wear this? Something will come up and you’ll be scrambling for a dress, so just buy it now and save yourself the stress later.

Our Top Three Picks:

(From left to right: Esley dress, $48, Picnic Set, $34.95, Blu Pepper tank, $19)