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Style File: Wishbone Reserve

Get clued in on Wishbone Reserve's Athena Hoffberger and Julie Lilienfeld.
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What’s the most embarrassing trend you used to love?
AH: ’90s eyebrows. I see pictures of myself and they were so painfully plucked that I’m just like, “Girl! Fill those in!”
JL: In college I was really into psychedelic tapestries. Some of my choices for wall coverings were a little questionable.

What is your guilty pleasure?
JL: The Bravo network. Any Real Housewife show. Oh, and One Direction. Specifically Harry Styles.
AH: Mindless TV and wine. Throw in a little chocolate, too.

How did you get the name for your boutique?
AH: Wishbone is always the name I had envisioned for a business. It’s representative of something that’s a great tradition and has been passed on from generation to generation. Reserve for us means that there’s a curated eye behind every choice and it’s not just a junk shop. We see something in everything we sell.

Do you have a go-to saying or motto?
AH: Add light, not heat. I try to apply that to everything.

No outfit is complete without . . .
JL: I wouldn’t leave home without my Georgian Gimmel ring. I bought this at auction. It’s European and from the early 1800s.
AH: Something personal, meaningful, or sentimental.

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What are your current favorite and least favorite trends?
AH: I don’t like anything to be too perfect or matching. I think it’s unrealistic and not interesting. I like it when people play by their own rules.
JL: I love overalls, but a lot of other ’90s fashion I’m not really feeling right now. With fashion, it’s always cyclical but it’s funny to see it back in action.

Our picks:

(1950’s Party Dress $150; Picasso print $125; Flower Power chair $150)