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These Thrifted Pieces are the Perfect DIY Halloween Costume Inspo

Bottle of Bread owner Morissa Rothman shares some of her picks for dressing up this year.

Seven years ago, Bottle of Bread’s owner Morissa Rothman turned her lifelong passion for collecting retro items into a thriving shop in Mt. Vernon. Rothman is the curator for all collections available in her Read Street store, including both vintage and independent designer brands.

“The Baltimore art scene absolutely inspires me,” she says. “People in this city have great style.”

Aside from helping new customers discover the value of vintage clothing and accessories, Rothman says that she enjoys the chance to revive hallmark trends of decades past. That skill certainly comes in handy this time of year, as locals search for one-of-a-kind Halloween costumes.

“I love having face-to-face interactions with people,” Rothman says. “I like to see how folks style certain things.”

Don’t expect to find a scary mask or pair of run-of-the-mill animal ears at Bottle of Bread, but Rothman does plan to display a selection of retro pieces for those hoping to DIY their own costumes this year.

“Around Halloween, I try to put pieces that people can work with, for example a pair of neon green pants,” she adds.

If you’re planning to attend a spooky soiree during the upcoming Halloweekend—but want to skip the dreaded Party City lines (and prices)—Bottle of Bread offers garments that make for a unique addition to any retro getup. Here are a few finds (all available on Etsy) to help inspire your look:

80s Suede Front Western Denim Pants: With black suede and gingham stitching, these western chaps-style jeans are perfect for adding a vintage conversation piece to any Wild West- era costume.
Pair with: A wide brim hat and leather boots.

—Courtesy of Bottle of Bread

40s-’50s Herringbone Twill Military Trousers: With a unique design and classic fit, these military trousers are similar to the green jumpsuit from Tom Cruise’s famous role in Top Gun.
Pair with: Some standard aviator sunglasses and a green jacket.

—Courtesy of Bottle of Bread

40s Button Up Day Dress: Featuring bright pink and black plaid with a signature loop collar, this dress resembles those worn by Rizzo and the Pink Ladies in Grease.
Pair with: Black pumps and cateye sunglasses.

—Courtesy of Bottle of Bread

60s Overdyed Sailor Pants: These eye-catching fuschia sailor pants are the perfect complement to ’60s flower power or ’70s disco ensembles.
Pair with: A crop top and platform sandals.

—Courtesy of Bottle of Bread