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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Browse through these love-themed goodies for all of the special people in your life.

Flowers and chocolate are all well and good, but if you’re trying to go above and beyond the call of duty for Valentine’s Day this year, gift ideas can be tricky to brainstorm on your own.

Kohli Flick, owner of Becket Hitch at Greenspring Station, advises shoppers not to overthink things when searching for the perfect V-Day gift. “Keep it fun and lighthearted,” she says. “Really think about the person that you’re giving it to and don’t feel pressured by the conceit of the holiday to determine your choice.”

Trust us—the perfect presents for the special people in your life are out there, and locally, the Baltimore boutique scene offers plenty of amour-inspired items. Whether you’re just friends, or hoping to be more than that, here a few options fit for any type of relationship.

For your “galentines:” Who needs significant others when you can spend the annual love-fest hitting the town with your inner circle? Don’t show up to your Anti-Valentine’s Day soiree empty handed this year. Instead, dress to the nines, sip cocktails, snap a few photos, and exchange these trendy gifts to show your friends how much you care.

#GirlBoss 20-oz. travel mug at Brightside Boutique, $20

Red Craig Carrying Case wallet at Trohv, $50

For your loved-one with a major sweet tooth: Nothing says V-Day like specialty sweets, and it’s no secret that chocolate—a known aphrodisiac that contains chemicals that put you in the mood for romance—is the holiday’s most symbolic treat. This year, ditch the generic heart-shaped boxes and go for these gourmet goodies.

Sugarfina Candy Bento Boxes at Becket Hitch, $7-26

La Suissa Italian Chocolates Purse at Ma Petite Shoe, $12.99

For the little ones: It’s only a matter of time before your kids start coming home with backpacks full of heart-shaped lollipops and chocolate kisses. So if you’re hoping to take a break from the candy and spend some sugar-free quality time together, check out these creative (and interactive) gifts for you and your tykes.

Love is Walking Hand in Hand book at aMuse Toys, $7.95

Happiest Little Baker Class at Wee Chic, Free On Saturday Feb. 13, Wee Chic is hosting this workshop where kids are invited to decorate their own Valentine’s Day treat with the experts from Happiest Little Baker—a Charm City-based dessert purveyor that ships kid-friendly baking kits to your home.

For the “friend With benefits”: Gift-giving can be complicated when you’re keeping things casual. Of course, in keeping with the rules of a no-strings-attached relationship, you’re not obligated to splurge on a pricey present. But if you want to give your FWB something special, these fun finds are your best bet.

‘Let’s Be Totally Awkward Together’ greeting card at Brightside Boutique, $5

Flying Dog University
Beer 101 Class, $33. Held on weekends throughout the year, these introductory seminars cover the history of beer, explore the basics behind how it’s made, and conclude with a complimentary tasting.

For your significant other: When it comes to your one-and-only, going all-out for Valentine’s Day is a given, but it doesn’t always have to mean exchanging glitzy jewelry and fancy watches. Whether you’re in search of something witty or heartfelt, these gift options will make for a romantic, and memorable, date night.

Letters to My Love. Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever book at Becket Hitch, $14.95

Fishs EddyTrophy Wife’ mug at Becket Hitch, $20