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Love Thy Self

Gifts to give yourself this Valentine's season.

We’re all about spreading the love, offering sweet messages and thoughtful gestures to all the special people in our lives. But this year, we wanted to make sure we spread some love to, well, ourselves! Sometimes we all need a little nudge to remember to carve out some “me time,” so for this Valentine’s Day, we urge you to treat yourself to these much-needed self-care gifts.

Scalloped lace bralette ($32) at B Boutique. 2. Z Supply PJ shorts ($40) at B Boutique. 3. D-Lotus in lilac ($39.99) at DOMAIN by Laura Hodges Studio. 4. B-Flower in light blue ($24.99) at DOMAIN by Laura Hodges Studio. 5. B-Succulent in green ($16.99) at DOMAIN by Laura Hodges Studio. 6. Good Day multi-tasking planner ($14.99) at Found Studio Shop. 7. No Worries salt soak ($18) at Bottle of Bread. 8. Lovers Only smoking blend by Hey Thanks! Herbal Co. ($18) at Bottle of Bread. 9. Tea Forte Herbal Retreat box set ($22.50) at Curiosity. 10. Heart tea infuser ($6) at Curiosity. 11. Seda France Fleurs de St. Germain candle ($30) at Zelda Zen.