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A New Kind of Gifting

Edible Music™ has teamed up with local Baltimore artists to bring you a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day experience.
By Edible

Edible continues to innovate how consumers celebrate life’s special occasions. Last December, the brand launched Edible Music, a unique, multilayered gifting experience that bundles music and delicious treats. The Edible name might bring to mind Edible Arrangements, best known for its handcrafted fruit baskets. Through Edible Music and Edible Arrangements, Edible will continue to expand its music offerings to bring to consumers more enjoyable tunes from additional artists—both well-known and up-and-coming—accompanied with its delicious treats.

From Edible founder Tariq Farid to its franchisees, Edible’s story is about achieving the American Dream by helping people celebrate their loved ones. Inspired by musical artists and Edible’s franchised entrepreneurs’ mutual pursuit of dreams, Edible Music was born. Now the brand is giving artists a new venue to share their voice while also giving its franchisees one more way to help their customers celebrate special occasions.

Mother’s Day Rose Vanilla and Music Bundle from Edible

The arrangement is a delicious Mother’s Day Rose Vanilla Bouquet, featuring rose-infused white chocolate dipped strawberries sprinkled with tasty vanilla crispies. Crowning this bundle is ‘MOM’ spelled in fresh pineapple letters with succulent pineapple daisies, fresh melon, and other fresh fruits. Edible offers the convenience of same-day and next-day delivery.

Make this special occasion even more memorable this year with an exclusive Mother’s Day digital album, “Songs for Mom” featuring major up-and-coming artists to serenade Mom. The music of local, emerging artists and husband-and-wife duo, Danni and Jerome Baylor will be featured on this album. “Songs for Mom” covers a variety of genres including pop, rock, R&B, and dance. The album is included in this bundle and is also available for $9.99 as an add-on at checkout for other orders. To order please click here.

 Meet the Husband-and-Wife Duo Bringing the Music to Mom

Danni Baylor is a singer-songwriter based in Fort Washington, Maryland. She sings and plays guitar while seamlessly blending genres with her versatile singing style. She is a BMI-affiliated and Billboard-recognized artist known for her vocal tone, unique writing style, and genre-bending music. She has written for and collaborated with Fantasia, Steve Brian, Andy Mineo, and Nana Mellie. Her song on the Edible “Gifts for Mom” offering is called “Everywhere.”

Baltimore-based R&B, pop singer, and songwriter, Jerome Baylor began his music career playing drums for his local church’s praise and worship team. After years of pursuing a dream of becoming a touring drummer, Baylor began to take more interest in creating and composing his songs. As his passion for songwriting grew, he began working with his brother and production partner Dwight Baylor, booking bigger shows around town, and eventually releasing his debut EP “Time Machine.” His song on the Edible “Gifts for Mom” offering is called “Reasons to Love.”