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Bmore Social: Night of 100 Elvises

A visual recap of the local tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, which returned after a three-year hiatus last weekend.
By Sloane Brown

27th Night of 100 Elvises
December 1, 2023
4 p.m.-2 a.m.
Lord Baltimore Hotel


Elvis was in the building again…and again…and again…as the beloved Night of 100 Elvises made its triumphant return after three long years of a COVID-caused hiatus. Whether on stage, in the crowd, manning the sound board, having a drink at the bar, or nabbing a peanut butter-and-bacon sandwich, there was an Elvis Presley around every corner.

With the annual shindig in recovery mode, there were fewer performers than there have been in previous years. But many costumed guests made up the Elvis differential, so it certainly seemed like there were 100 Presleys present. In addition to enjoying the night’s musical entertainment by at least 20 Elvis tribute artists and bands, the more than 300 guests gleefully enjoyed Elvis-themed food and drinks, mingled with other partygoers, and generally immersed themselves in the campy scene—which included “showgirls” in the Viva Las Vegas Lounge. Being a fan of the original King of Rock and Roll wasn’t a requirement for attendance—you just had to be a fan of having fun.

Proceeds from the party benefited Hungry for Music, a children’s music education and instrument donation non-profit.

Left to right: Terry McCready, “Treasure Memories of Elvis”; Donna Barnes, DB Entertainment founder; Tommy Barnes, “Tommy EL”
Left to right: Victoria August, attorney; Dr. Danielle Orlando-Kepner, chiropractor/physical therapist/Healthbridge wellness director; Jeannine August, The Agora Companies tax director
Left to right: Event volunteers; Drew Bassin; Joe Zuccaro; Moiraine Riggs; Scott Reda; Jerard Sweetwine; George Davis
Steve Benden, Elvis tribute artist
Left to right: Sara Jane Baublitz, Bid Boss Consulting co-founder; Garrett Schiche, federal government employee; Whitney Kippes, Bid Boss Consulting co-founder; Logan Noonan, Save The Children program manager
Left to right: Wendy Muher, PayPal manager; Michele Riley, University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center RN; Gigi Gronvall, Johns Hopkins University professor of public health
Left to right: Jen Whalen and Nick Schauman, The Local Oyster Catering co-owners
Left to right: Josiah Ulfers, New Light Technologies computer programmer; Cliff Young, Confluent customer success technical architect
Left to right: Diane Stollenwerk, health policy consultant; Maggie McIntosh, retired Maryland legislator; Annette Rovito, retired RN; Alexis Johns, retired Baltimore City housing department project-based coordinator