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Power Your Maryland Home With Clean Energy—In Just Two Minutes

Here’s how you can switch to renewable energy and reduce your impact
By Clean Choice Energy

As the effects of climate change continue to appear all around the world, combating climate change has never been more urgent. It’s hard to ignore the extreme hurricanes, wildfires, and heat waves in recent years and the effects they are having on the planet. Even right here in Maryland, impacts like flooding and tornados have already begun to take their toll on communities across the state.

Many of us have been trying to take steps to fight climate change, through eco-friendly actions such as recycling, doing Meatless Mondays, or even driving electric cars. But with daily headlines about our worsening climate, it can often feel like we should be doing even more to protect our planet.

Luckily, one of the most impactful actions you can take to help fight climate change is also one of the easiest: powering your home with 100% clean, renewable energy. 


What is clean energy, and how does it work?

In order to lessen the effects of climate change, we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. And right now, the power that comes to your home is likely from a mix of mostly dirty fossil fuels like coal and gas, which pollute our environment and contribute to climate change. This means that the electricity you use in your home plays a big role in your personal carbon footprint.

But unlike most conventional electricity sources, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar do not produce carbon dioxide or contribute to air pollution. Clean energy can lead to cleaner air and help reduce the risk of severe climate change—ensuring a better future for us all.

By switching your electricity supplier to CleanChoice Energy, you can greatly reduce your impact on the environment. CleanChoice makes sure all the energy you use is replenished on the grid with 100% clean, pollution-free energy from wind and solar farms, instead of dirty fossil fuels. Your utility will still maintain your lines and provide your bill. No service calls, equipment, or installation are needed—you’ll simply see a line on your utility bill with our charges that indicates your “Supplier” is CleanChoice Energy.

We use energy every day to power our homes and our lives, and it’s essential to use the cleanest energy sources possible to reduce the long-term effects of climate change. With CleanChoice Energy, every time you turn on the lights, watch TV, or turn up your thermostat, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re doing so with 100% pollution-free energy.


The impact of choosing renewable energy for your home

Becoming a CleanChoice Energy customer means joining a community of people who care about our planet—and the impact really adds up. By using 100% clean electricity, CleanChoice customers have had an environmental impact equivalent to planting more than 71 million trees, preventing more than 4.7 billion pounds of coal from being burned, or removing nearly one million cars from the road! Every single household that chooses clean energy makes a difference and contributes to our collective impact.

When more people use clean energy, the renewable energy industry grows, leading to cleaner air and a better environment. By choosing clean energy, you can help increase demand for cleaner energy sources, paving the way for your community—and ultimately the country—to become less reliant on fossil fuels.

One of the best things about CleanChoice Energy is how easy it is. Signing up only takes 2 minutes, yet it has a lasting, positive impact on the planet. You’ll be doing your part to create a better environment for future generations—without a change to your daily routine, a long-term commitment, or a home installation.

Whether you’re a BGE, Delmarva, Pepco, Potomac Edison, or SMECO customer—and whether you rent or own your home—you can choose 100% renewable energy for your home with CleanChoice Energy. Do your part to help fight climate change and create a healthier, cleaner future for all by signing up today!

To learn more or to sign up and switch to Clean Electricity today, visit and receive a $50 Visa Card when you enroll. Terms apply.