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Our Crew Makes Your Summer Fun

MarineMax Baltimore is your local boating resource.
By MarineMax

Whether you’re looking for your first boat, are in need of marine services, or want to join their team for a weekend Getaway!, MarineMax can assist and exceed your boating and customer service expectations. To learn more about their unparalleled services, we spoke with the MarineMax team about everything from buying a boat to why they love what they do.

Why should I buy a boat now?

Chris Whitman, Sales Consultant: Boating is one of the best ways for families, friends, and individuals to get outside, enjoy nature, and relax. With a longer boating season than many other regions, you can be on water well into October. Given the current stress and uncertainties of today’s climate, there’s never been a better time to enjoy life in a safe and relaxing way.

What separates MarineMax from other dealerships?

Michael Gisch, General Manager: Our mission is to provide the world’s best boating experience. We are the largest boat dealer in the world with many national locations. The support that comes with our size gives us the autonomy to operate on a local level, catering to the specific needs of the Chesapeake. Being part of the MarineMax family begins with your boat delivery and an orientation with a captain. All details are covered: Registration handled, safety and operational gear included, and we even top off the fuel tank. All you need to do is bring your family and friends, good weather, and a taste for adventure.

How do I go about purchasing a boat?

Chris Zorn and Perry Avery, Sales Consultants: Call your Baltimore MarineMax to set up an appointment. We will walk you through the steps, educate you on boating, and discover which boat is right for you. You can also do research online to narrow down your choices. After, just call or request more information online. We’re happy to guide you through the process, whether it’s your first boat or sixth. With almost 60 stores around the nation, we’re able to ship any boat in our inventory to your preferred location and get your boat to you faster.

How do I pay for a boat and what does it take to insure it?

Michael Shrader, Business Manager: There are several ways to pay for a boat. You can pay for the boat directly or we can offer finance options through a host of well-known banks. We can also provide top-rated marine insurance though our brokerage to keep you protected on the water. Getting a quote only requires sharing your basic contact information and your boating history.

What does boat ownership look like in terms of service and maintenance?

Elliot Anderson, Service Manager: Baltimore has a team of highly skilled, factory-trained technicians and a service team to make your boating experience as pleasurable as possible. From our fuel dock to short hauls, we have staff onsite to assist with your boating needs year-round. When your season ends, we can winterize and store your boat in our storage facility. We also assist in warranty support with the manufacturers. Our team is here to help—it’s our mission.

Are you still holding events?

Chelsea Weinstein Marketing and Getaways! Coordinator: Yes! With the pandemic, events and gatherings look and feel a bit different. Luckily, boating has been a popular choice as a socially distanced activity for many families. MarineMax, Getaways! and events are a huge part of the company’s benefits. Our team has strategically planned outdoor and distanced activities to allow for safe and fun boating adventures. Exclusive yachting showcases and weekend trips to Cape May, Solomons, and St. Michaels allow us to deepen our customer relationships while making memories on the water. Our goal is to see first-time or 30-year boat owners enjoy the boating lifestyle, so that is what we plan to continue!

Why do you love what you do?

Perry Avery, Sales Consultant: In sales, we don’t just sell you a boat and wave goodbye at the dock. From Getaways! and raft ups to service support and availability as a boating concierge, you develop lasting friendships that go beyond the simple sale of a boat. In every deal, I look forward to meeting customers out on the water and enjoying the boat with them, watching them teach their kids, and seeing people connect.

Andrew Fiery, Sales Consultant: I love what I do because, in the same way boating has impacted my life, this job allows me to help people start a new chapter in their lives and create memories that they will cherish for a lifetime with the people they love.

Michael Gisch, General Manager: A passion for boating! I still get on the water at any opportunity, whether it is leading a customer Getaway! to Cape May and Saint Michaels or a Sunday trip to the Magothy for lunch. I look forward to every boating opportunity.