Charmed Life

Fit File: Marilyn Pick

Get to know Baltimore Fitness and Tennis instructor Marilyn Pick

Camryn Beaumont | July 31, 2017, 1:22 pm

-Marilyn Pick
Charmed Life

Fit File: Marilyn Pick

Get to know Baltimore Fitness and Tennis instructor Marilyn Pick

Camryn Beaumont | July 31, 2017, 1:22 pm

-Marilyn Pick

Whether you’re a fitness first timer or a die-hard gym rat, you’re guaranteed to find your groove with Marilyn Pick. Pick specializes in what she calls the “full body experience,” but no two classes are the same. Her combination of dance, kickboxing, cardio, and weight training create an atmosphere where it doesn’t matter if you miss a step or two, as long as you’re moving. We talked with Pick about her journey as a fitness guru, favorite in-the-zone songs, and class must-haves.

Where do you teach?
Marilyn Pick
: I teach at Baltimore Fitness and Tennis on Reisterstown Road. We have a big tennis club, a fitness center, and group fitness. I had my own business, Fitness Dimension, and I brought my business to the Hilton and eventually we merged and became one company. So now I’m part of the whole group fitness. I teach cardio classes, step combination, body blast. I also teach a cardio and tone class. I have five Zumba certifications and just led a few hundred people for the charity event, Miles That Matter. 

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How long have you been teaching?
MP: From the time I was a little girl, I loved to dance, so I was always taking dance and exercise classes. I was in a class and somebody said, “You should teach! You’re so good at what you do.” So, I went and took all the certifications (ACE, AFA) and I maintain them now. I started teaching because it was like the obvious next step. I love exercise and dancing and combining them. 

What’s your typical class like?
MP: I always do about 40 minutes of a cardio training move and then the rest of the class is strength training. I love a fusion class, where you incorporate everything. I bring high energy to it. I keep a lot of people happy and that’s what I love. 

Do you have any go-to workout songs?
MP: My favorite song, which is actually my ringtone, is "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk The Moon. That’s such an uplifting song. I like a variety because you have a variety of people in your class. I try to stay a step ahead of everybody so that every class they come into, there’s something new and different.

Do you have any advice for fitness new-comers?
MP: I want everyone to feel comfortable. I get to know everybody and tell them that there is no right or wrong! As long as you are moving, you’re going to get a great workout. 

What are three must-haves to survive your class?
MP: Water, carbs, and comfortable clothes.

If you could have one Baltimore-based athlete attend your Zumba class, who would it be?
MP: Michael Phelps. He focuses. When I am teaching and get off track of distracted, I think about Michael Phelps and remind myself to focus. He’s an awesome athlete and very disciplined.

In what ways does your class benefit the body and mind? 
MP: You’re strength training. Burning calories, increasing energy and stamina which helps you in your life, doing good things for your heart and lungs, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. There are so many things that cardiovascular fitness does for your body. Your body works more efficiently. For your mind, exercise is outstanding. Your body secretes endorphins which is a natural mood elevator. You don’t need anything else to feel good except exercise. When something is bothering you in your life, you exercise and you will naturally feel better. It gives you a healthy mind and a healthy body.

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