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Six Ways to Celebrate That The Kids Are Back to School

Whether it's a waterfront cocktail or a new workout, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your new-found freedom.

By Sarah Bregel | August 30, 2018, 2:00 pm

Try a new workout at The Movement Lab. -Movement Lab
The Chatter

Six Ways to Celebrate That The Kids Are Back to School

Whether it's a waterfront cocktail or a new workout, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your new-found freedom.

By Sarah Bregel | August 30, 2018, 2:00 pm

Try a new workout at The Movement Lab. -Movement Lab

The end of summer used to come with some crushing disappointments (so long, beach waves). But for those of us with children in the house, it feels like a good time to breathe a sigh of relief because back to school season is before us (so long, kids). The glory of back to school means you don't have to balance as much when it comes to work and parenting, or shell out hundreds of dollars for camps, or worry with just how the heck to keep your rambunctious mess-makers occupied all day, every day. My, how you’ve aged.

No matter what the beginning of the school year means for you—more time to work or more time for keeping up with the day to day tasks of running a family home—it’s totally okay to relish the start of school. Maybe even celebrate it a little. Here are things you should definitely do to embrace the kids being back in school:

Grab a drink by the water at Boathouse Canton.
If there were ever a reason to sit by the water with a drink in your hand until you tip over (just kidding!), back to school week is it. Boathouse in Canton is much loved for its beautiful views, outdoor patio, tasty bites, and solid drink choices, making it the perfect place to celebrate, whether noon or night. While the restaurant is open year round, the smaller, down-to-earth dock bar is only open through October. So, if you’re planning to hit up a happy hour, complete with live music, fruity crushes, and beautiful outdoor weather, back to school season is the perfect time of year. Sans kids, of course.

Try a new workout at The Movement Lab.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or a couple of wild children, more than likely), you’ve probably heard about the amazing workout classes happening at The Movement Lab in Remington. With so many options like kickboxing, jazz dance, various kinds of yoga, and antigravity suspension classes, it will be tough to pick just one. No worries, though: You can utilize the $99 Fall Reset Special for new students and try them all.

Get some work done at Zeke’s.
The much-loved coffee joint, which expanded to a larger spot on Harford Road in Hamilton last year, is still the home of Baltimore’s best cup of joe. Go for the coffee, stay for the pastries and laptop-friendly atmosphere. And while you’re at it, take home a refillable cold brew growler. Whether you just need a quick coffee, a place to hang out, a spot to schedule a meeting, or to spend the day typing away, Zeke’s has everything you need for all those not-so-lonesome, kid-free school days.

Enjoy a cut and a color at Tease Salon.
The start of a new school year means new clothes, shoes, and hair cuts for the kids. But what about for you? If you haven’t gotten your tresses chopped by the amazing hair-artists at Tease Salon on York Road in Cockeysville yet, now is the perfect time to book your first appointment. Owner Jenny Newberger is a master stylist, who will make your hair do all the right things. But the artists at the shop don’t shy away from funky cuts and all kinds of color, either. So, if you want some red hot streaks to start the school year off right, don’t be afraid to ask.

Meet a friend at The Handlebar Cafe.
Baltimoreans love their bikes. But they also love a great local spot to grab a bite with a pal, complete with quality brews, The Handlebar Cafe in Fells Point, with it’s cool, bike-savvy vibe, has it all. With a built-in bike shop, a badass bar, and a delicious menu filled with tons of healthy options and a dozen wood-fired pizza options to choose from, there’s something for everyone (and no training wheels necessary).

Embrace self-care with Zeel.
If you’ve been telling yourself you’re going to finally get that massage you’ve been dreaming of for months, wait no more. Zeel, a new massage-on-demand app that caters to the Baltimore area, lets you book an at-home massage with just a couple of swipes. The price, including tip, is quite reasonable and you can even book a same day massage, so it truly is “on-demand.” You massuer will bring their own table and when you’re massage is done, they’ll be out the door in minutes. We can think of no better way to ring in the new school year.

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Sarah Bregel is a mother of two and freelance writer based in Baltimore. She's contributed to publications like Slate, New York Magazine, The Washington Post, and more. Find her on Facebook to keep up with her work.

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