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DIVINE METZGERYou’re never too young to start learning financial literacy, as proven by Divine. Although she is only five, she and her father have begun a podcast, Family Abide, that focuses on faith, family, and finance. In each episode of the daddy-daughter production, Divine weighs in on the “Financial Word of the Day.” For example, when she received her first check (a gift from a relative), she and her father discussed different types of money, where it can be put for safe-keeping, and how it can be used.

Because she is so young, Divine is able to talk openly and ask questions on a topic—finance—that intimidates many, particularly women. As she grows, the hope is that the podcast will continue to break down barriers around discussions of money and how it intersects with people’s needs and values.

“[Divine] is impacting the community by breaking down stereotypes about young women of color talking about money and finances.” —Robert Metzger Jr., father

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