All in a Day With Julia Fleischaker

We follow the daily routine of the owner of Greedy Reads.

Rachel Hinch - February 2020

All in a Day With Julia Fleischaker

We follow the daily routine of the owner of Greedy Reads.

Rachel Hinch - February 2020

-Photography by Christopher Myers


This is way earlier than I usually wake up. The store opens at 11, and my sleep schedule has definitely adjusted to the later start. That said, the past two years have seen a lot of good habits fall by the wayside. A 7 a.m. class at Pilates House in Fells Point is an attempt to get one of them back.


Time to walk the dog in Patterson Park. Audie is pretty much my constant companion. As much as she likes being in the shop and getting love all day every day from her regular visitors, I try to give her enough outdoor time to keep her energetic and healthy. Plus, she loves to watch the squirrels run around.

Fleischaker's dog, Audie, at the Fells Point store.

Head to the Remington store to open up and begin the day. I start by filling special orders and reordering anything we need back in stock. A few vendors come by and drop off products. I love working with other small businesses in the city; it’s such a collaborative and supportive environment.


Meet with a publisher’s sales rep to go over my order for the upcoming season. I heard a bookstore owner joke once that opening a bookstore means you stop reading books and start reading catalogs. That’s not entirely, or even remotely, wrong.


Leave the store in the capable hands of my new booksellers to run errands. The second store has been a big adjustment to my schedule; I’m busier but also have more time and flexibility to get housekeeping and administrative things done.


Pick up Audie and walk to the Fells Point store. I’ve been doing special evening hours for book club members. It’s a fun way to see and thank this great group of people who have become my reading community.


Home. Take out the laptop to answer emails and do some buying for the store. I read for a while, but my eyes and brain are tired. I’ll fall asleep to the dulcet tones of Paul Hollywood critiquing people’s proofing times on the Great British Baking Show, and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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