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Businesses face damage after heavy rain

Meadow Mill businesses assess losses and start fundraising campaigns.

While the most shared image and video to come out of Wednesday’s rain depicted a street cave-in on 26th Street, there are many other places that were hit hard—particularly Meadow Mill in Woodberry. 

The complex houses several local businesses, including Meadow Mill Athletic ClubMouth Party CaramelsNepenthe Homebrew, and School of Rock, among others. Many of the businesses have been closed since early Wednesday and are currently trying to clean up from the onslaught of the flooded Jones Falls.

Mouth Party Caramel suffered major flooding in its kitchen and posted “we will rebuild and come back even sweeter than before” and School of Rock said they “definitely suffered major damage.” Meadow Mill Athletic Club was a bit more optimistic, saying, “The water damage is not as bad as we were expecting, so we are hopeful for a speedy clean-up.” 

But Nepenthe Homebrew took a big hit, saying that the damage to their facility far exceeded the insurance payout. As the staff cleans up, they have set up a fundraising page for people in the community to donate. 

Here’s to a speedy recovery for all the businesses throughout the Baltimore area that were affected by Wednesday’s flash floods.