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Publisher's Note: Yes, We’re Daily Now

Our digital audience is growing all the time.

As you’ll see as you move past my little space here, this issue has a lot going for it besides our first-ever cover story on the irresistible allure Charm City has for those with a sweet tooth.

From our interviews with Baltimoreans who experienced firsthand the desegregation of city schools 60 years ago and a profile of our highly decorated Olympian (no, it’s not who you’re thinking) to our look at the health of the Hippodrome Theatre, there’s plenty of serious reading beyond the sweets story to engage the calorie-wary reader. But the print version of the magazine you’re holding isn’t the whole story this month.

As ever, through our website—which, judging by our 2.2 million annual page views, most readers know about—and our social media presence (which many of you may not know about), we’re engaging our readers on multiple platforms.

We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to bring our audience elements from the magazine in various formats. On Pinterest, for instance, you’ll see timely photos, recipes, or home décor ideas from the magazine, while on Instagram we post photos from around Baltimore on a daily basis. On Twitter, we can update our audience on breaking news, while on Facebook, we have exclusive giveaways and highlight our feature stories.

When was the last time you actually wrote a letter to the editor and mailed it—with an actual stamp? You’re not alone. In  addition to e-mailed letters to the editor, we get a lot of great reactions from readers on Facebook and Twitter.

So, you’re thinking it’s just the younger set availing themselves of these new tools? Think again—the majority (54 percent) of our audience on Facebook, as an example, is 35 years or older.

And what about the website? Its content, too, is changing every day. This month, for instance, you can be part of our sweets showdown, in which desserts are pitted against each other in a bracket-style competition. Readers decide which dessert advances in the competition. And don’t miss our digital Valentine’s Day roundup, which includes things like date-night ideas and V-day restaurant and bar specials.

If you’re not part of our digital scene, you should check it out. For readers, it’s fun and immediate. And for us, it’s an invaluable source of feedback from people like you.