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What change would you like to see in Baltimore in 2015?

Scott Landsman, executive information technology recruiter: I would love to see money put into neighborhoods that are boarded up. They need to be restored. Make people proud of where they live as an investment and watch the returns you get from the community.

Jacqueline Connor, teacher: I would like to see Harborplace only have Maryland-based businesses. Why would tourists come all the way to Baltimore to eat at a Bubba Gump restaurant or a Cheesecake Factory?

Erik Fjord Hansen, merchant marine officer: I’d love to pass a cop actually walking a beat. I see them doing their best after someone’s been burglarized, robbed, murdered, etc. A few ounces of prevention would be great.

Paige Whipple, college student: The Baltimore Orioles winning the World Series—DUH! It’s inevitable.