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What piece of Baltimore nostalgia do you miss the most?

Kathy Conrad, retired Baltimore police officer: “Memorial Stadium—when working-class people could afford a baseball or football game.”

Mark Niewiadomski, Hertz Equipment Rental: “The price of crabs is rising as fast as fuel. I miss the old days when I could afford the gas and crabs in a single sitting.”

Pam Ruff, executive director, Maryland Economic Development Association: “I miss the MN sign on the Maryland National Bank building—it used to light up white for snow, red for hot, and blue for cold weather. Also miss the McCormick spice smells when it was downtown.”

LTJG Douglas Piper, U.S. Coast Guard commanding officer: “Lawn chairs saving parking spots during the winter, and summer walks to get snowballs with marshmallow.”

Valerie Kent, marketing manager: “Haussner’s—the art collection, career waitresses, and strawberry pie.”

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