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Feathers Fly Over Who Has the Best Chicken Sandwich

Duh. We do.

One week after Popeyes first nationwide chicken sammie was released, there’s been a lot of clucking about who has the best chicken sandwich, Popeyes or Chick-fil-A. The fast-food giants started a playful Twitter war earlier this week.

Any Baltimorean can tell you the answer is obvious with this two-syllable word: RoFo. Our fried chicken from local convenience store Royal Farms is so crispy, so juicy, so moist, so downright delectable, it needs no bun, though they have several versions on bread, too! (See the crow-pleasing Chesapeake Chicken slathered with sauce and served on a on a multi-grain bun.)

And let’s not forget that, BRD food stall at R. House and Ekiben in Fells Point are also fine-feathered contenders.

We’re not Birdland for nothing.