In Good Taste

That’s (Southern) Italian!

Menu changes at Pazo reflect the foods of southern Italy.

Big news coming from the Foreman Wolf restaurant group. They’ve recently appointed chef Juilan Marucci, who is already overseeing the Northern Italian-inspired kitchen at Cinghiale, to do double duty as Pazo’s executive chef.

This time, the chef heads south—of Rome, that is. (Basically, he’s got the country covered.)

We’ve always loved sitting in this Patrick Sutton, Amalfi-coast inspired space, but we like the idea of updating the Mediterranean tapas menu to focus on a more specific region.

“Julian has had a passion for the food of the south of Italy for years,” stated Foreman in a release. “Having visited the south with Julian many times over the years, I am confident his creative spark will give a very specific point of view and an honest take on the cooking south of Rome to the beautiful islands.”

Diners can chose from a traditional menu of antipasti, pasta, and secondi, or stick with lighter fare such as pizza. Highlights of the menu, which unveiled this week, include: house-made ricotta with honey and almonds, lamb polpetti sliders with yogurt and cucumber on brioche, and seven different types of pizza.

We’re most excited by the prospect of house-made pastas (Marucci has already more than proven his way with a noodle on Cinghiale’s pasta plates) and a whole grilled lobster with asparagus and salsa verde.

The wine list, which features southern Italian wines that make their U.S. debut here, also sounds promising.

We’re already feeling the culinary amore.