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Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Working out with your boo might be just what the (love) doctor ordered.

By now we are all well aware of the benefits that regular exercise has on our overall health, from improved energy levels to strong bones and muscles. But did you know working out also can strengthen your relationship with your significant other?

Aside from having someone to stop you from hitting the snooze button a second time on gym day, exercising with your special someone can do everything from inspire camaraderie to increase your emotional bond, all while helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Local couple Andrea Carcelen and Justin Streim started working out together in 2016 through the free fitness group November Project. “We got to know each other through working out,” says Streim. “When exercising, we are at our most vulnerable and we’ve learned so much about each other this way—you can really cover a lot in three hours of running.”

The couple, who got engaged in August, also values the fact that they can commiserate with each other after long, hard workouts. “It’s nice to have to someone to be sore with you, and to understand why you look so funny walking down the stairs,” cracks Carcelen.

For Towson couple Fred and Michele Prumo, it was their love of running that bonded them 36 years ago—and they’ve been together ever since. “We’ve both always understood the importance of exercise to each other, which led to a better understanding of each other’s needs, which makes us closer,” says Michele.

Now dedicated yogis who practice four to six times a week, the Prumos attribute a lot of their marital success to their very active lifestyle. “It’s created a synergy and a context for conversation,” says Fred. “Just being with Michele and exercising gives me an opportunity to enjoy my partner without the shackles that life puts on us. We don’t have to deal with kids, in-laws, or pets, it’s just the two of us taking care of each other.”