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Fit File: Core Cycle Studios

Get to know the owner of the Timonium spin studio.

Having worked for almost a nearly in the healthcare system, Heather Chilcot knows the importance of taking care of your body. Which is why after months of research she opened Core Cycle Studios in Lutherville-Timonium to share the gift of health through fitness classes. We talked to Chilcot about her inspiration, benefits of cycling, and her favorite fitness trends.

What is Core Cycle Studios and where did you get your inspiration?
It’s a boutique fitness studio in its simplest form. I would say right now we’re very lucky that we’re the only dedicated cycle, barre, yoga, and HIIT studio in the area. As far as inspiration, I just love fitness and the feeling of working out. Being a mom and a role model, I wanted to create that healthy balance where you can be a business woman and you can also live this very healthy balanced lifestyle. I wanted to not just focus on how many times you work out a day, but also on nutrition, good relationships, and building a beautiful community.

What are the benefits of Core Cycle Studios?
The benefits of cycling are that it’s low impact and it’s an extremely high calorie burn. It also definitely increases your overall endurance. I used to run and do all of those different aerobic step and body classes. But, over time, those types of activities are just challenging on your joints. Another benefit I think is the ability to detach and unplug, which makes it more of spiritual process than a workout.

What are some tips for people just starting out their fitness journey?
People get overwhelmed with what you could or should look like. My suggestion is to just start moving. Find a buddy. If you find a buddy and you just start out to walking and getting some fresh air, that’s great. You will want to be creative in what you do and keep trying new things so that you don’t get bored. And then make sure to also track your progress. If we’re not tracking that progress, then it can very easily derail us from our goals.

How is a Core Cycle Studio class different from your typical cycling class at other studios?
We are all different shapes, sizes, genders, and ages. We try our best to customize our workouts for each person to track their performance and assist them in hitting their goals. There is an energy in our studio and you can feel it no matter what class you are taking.

What would you tell someone who is hesitant about taking a Core Cycle Studios class?
Every one of our classes is designed by incredible instructors to allow for modifications, changes, and enhancements, so whether you’re looking for something with less intensity or with more intensity, we can help you feel comfortable.

What is your favorite fitness trend currently?
I love interval training. I think we are seeing a rise in classes that focus on that style of training. It doesn’t plateau the body, and there is a lot of variety in it so you won’t get bored.

If you weren’t a fitness instructor what would you be?
I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. If I wasn’t doing that, I think I would find ways to give back to the community.