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New Secrets Tea Founder Spills the Tea on the Wellness Benefits of Her Blends

Natalie Antoinette, the leader of the Baltimore-based wellness brand, shares how to get the most out of your mug.
—New Secrets Tea via Instagram

A cozy cup of tea might be just what the doctor orders this winter season. Natalie Antoinette, founder of Baltimore-based wellness brand New Secrets Tea, spills the tea on how to get the most out of your mug.

What kind of wellness support does tea offer?
When harnessed appropriately, the herbs within teas serve as a potent source of essential vitamins, creating an enjoyable and proactive measure for holistic well-being. It can address underlying issues rather than merely masking symptoms. High-quality tea offers distinct properties contributing to common objectives such as relaxation, stress relief, immune support, and overall health.

Are there any tips for deciding what tea to reach for?
It is crucial to select teas that align with your specific wellness objectives. Opt for herbal teas featuring ingredients tailored to your needs, such as lavender for stress relief or turmeric for joint health. Take the time to read labels and research different tea blends. Another approach is to begin with a tea flavor you already know you enjoy. There are numerous ways to tap into the herbal benefits of tea without feeling like you’re consuming medicine.

What are your winter essentials?
Wheatgrass is prominent in my pantry due to its rich content of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. I combine it with elderberry syrup as a little “flu shot” that [my family] takes once a week to shield against winter ailments. Echinacea and mullein are also invaluable additions for immune support and respiratory health. With its potential to regulate blood -sugar levels, cinnamon adds a comforting warmth to winter beverages.

What advice might you give to develop a nourishing tea ritual?
Consider these guidelines: Select a time of day within your routine to allow relaxation, choose a tea blend that resonates with you, brew with freshly boiled water per the recommended steeping time and temperature for the specific tea type, and create a serene atmosphere by dimming the lights, playing soft music, or engaging in mindfulness practices. Remember, even just 10 minutes of mindful tea enjoyment can significantly impact your mood for the rest of the day.

What teas are you most excited about for the winter season?
[New Secret’s Tea] Stress Free Me black tea is my morning essential. It provides the caffeine I need to combat the winter blues, while the sooth- ing lavender helps ease anxiety and stress. Build Me Up is a turmeric-based tea with anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate joint discomfort, making it a vital part of my winter wellness routine.


GOALS: Choose your tea based on the health benefit you wish to achieve.

RESEARCH: Each tea contains herbs with different properties with various effects.

TIME: Set the mood and take a few minutes a day to create a daily nourishing ritual.