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What You Need to Create Your Own At-Home Spa

By adding just a few tools and treatments from local shops to your beauty routine, you can achieve those luxury spa results on your own.

Sure, spending the day at the spa can be a heavenly retreat, but rejuvenation doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank or even leaving your home. After all, why can’t every day be a spa day? By adding just a few tools and treatments to your beauty routine, you can achieve those luxury spa results on your own.

GUA SHA: If you’ve been to any skincare store lately, you likely have noticed this smooth curved gemstone taking over shelves. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment that has made its way into mainstream beauty routines. The use is simple. With gentle up and outward strokes across the facial muscles, you use the edge of the stone to flush the lymphatic system, resulting in de-puffed and calmed skin.
Try: Becket Hitch, 2360 W Joppa Road, Lutherville-Timonium, 410-296-4818.

DRY BRUSH: Nothing says full-body reset like exfoliation. Gentle enough so as not to cause damage but rough enough to clear pores and rough spots of dead skin, sisal fiber brushes and rags are a beauty tool must-have. Not only does dry brushing give your skin a clean slate, but the abrasion is said to trigger a full-body detox through stimulated blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Try: Shea Radiance,

HAIR SERUM: While hair and scalp serums might not be part of your everyday routine, taking the time to do this deep treatment can be crucial to your hair health. Ingredients such as argan and jojoba oils are excellent at keeping the hair moisturized and sleek; essential oils such as calophyllum have calming and conditioning properties that help maintain a healthy scalp.
Try: SoBotanical, 48 East Cross Street, 410-234-0333.

INCENSE: The first step in recreating a spa-like atmosphere at home is setting the mood. Incense is an aromatherapy tool. Made with essential oils, you can select blends that evoke a sense of calm or some- thing more refreshing. Burning incense is quick and easy—perfect to include in your morning or nighttime routine.
Try: Tortuga, 4717-A Harford Road, 410-291-9091.