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Kitchen Colorfest

Jazz up your wooden spoons.

Who doesn’t love the charm of a wooden spoon set? It’s a classic kitchen staple. And while there is nothing wrong with having spoons go au naturel, we love this easy DIY trick to brighten up your collection with a dash of spring color.

What You'll Need

Wooden spoons, masking tape, paintbrush, and Martha Stewart satin-finish craft paint.

STEP 1: After gathering a variety of spoons, place tape around the spoon handle to use as a guide and a stopping point for the paint.

STEP 2: Brush on one coat of paint around the handle and end of spoon. Allow 30 minutes of drying time between first and second coats. Martha Stewart satin-finish craft paint is nontoxic, but is not considered to be “food safe.” Only paint the handles of the spoons.

STEP 3: Apply second coat and allow paint to dry for one to two hours before handling. For a longer-lasting result, hand-wash wooden spoons.