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Doctor in the House

Dr. Christopher Stephens’s alluring Silo Point home office.

ZEN SPACE: As both a military officer and physician, I spend the majority of my time in the workplace. When at home, I enjoy having a workspace where I can retreat—a sanctuary, allowing me to think, reflect, and relax.

TEAMWORK: My wife surprised me with a refinished office when I returned home from military deployment. She worked extensively with Katie DeStefano, designer and owner of Curiosity, to pull together the space with both new and old pieces.

WRITER’S GUILD: My desk is an antique English writing table that is refinished in black with a black leather inlay.

HEAVENLY SKY: The ceiling is decorated with dark navy wallpaper with silver stars. It not only complements the all-American feel, but is youthful and fun.

COCKTAIL HOUR: Every gentleman should have a well-tailored bar at home. Invest in a bottle of Blanton’s or similar small-batch bourbon and you can’t go wrong.

SHELVING UNIT: The custom built-in shelves really gave me the space to display more than just my pharmacy collection and books. Alongside the flags, you will find my grandfather’s Naval Officer certificate signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, my own personal military service medals, and a couple of Army helicopter models.

HOUSE CALLS: The doctor’s bag was given to me as a graduation gift from medical school. It reminds me of my grandfather, who used his to make house calls in southern Louisiana.

IN THE DETAILS: Little objects on display—like a fossilized megalodon shark’s tooth, a blue geode, my caduceus letter opener, and a good Cuban cigar—are all part of what makes this office space unique.