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Quiet Room

Laura Mannarino, a Charm City Yoga teacher creates a sacred sanctuary.

Relocation, relocation, relocation: We moved into this house in 1999 and did a little bit of fixing, but we really couldn’t afford to do much. Then, in 2005, my husband, who works for Black & Decker, came home and said, “They want me to take a job in Shanghai.” We kept our house here, but moved there for three years. 

Love at first downward dog: In Shanghai, my friend Nancy took me to my first yoga class. I quickly came to love the practice. 

Back in the U.S.A.: In 2008, when we moved back to this house in Baltimore, it was yoga that helped me repatriate after experiencing reverse culture shock. 

Inspired idea: We renovated the attic. When we got to this room, I said, “Why don’t we leave it free of furniture, and we can do yoga in here?” 

Favorite room: I’m up here every day, whether doing a couple of sun salutations or meditating. 

Copycat: I had the opium bed made in Shanghai. You can take a Pottery Barn catalogue there, and they can copy it. 

Pillow talk: The cushions and linens were also custom-made in Shanghai. The lady who made them put some Chinese beads and jade on the ends of the pillows. 

Seeing the light: The candles are from a candle factory we used to visit in Shanghai. 

Buddha-ful: The Buddha is from an art gallery in Shanghai. 

Home again, naturally: Home is a place where you feel like your true self. When we lived here before, this house did not reflect my personality. After living in Asia, bringing stuff back, and being older and wiser, I feel like it’s me.