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Creative Chaos

Stacey Chambers, owner of Go-Go’s Retread Threads, talks about her Charles North dwelling.

Sunny Disposition: I would say my home’s aesthetic is best described as thoughtfully random. The sofa is from Ikea and was left here when I moved in; and the yellow sofa cover was on Craigslist. The pillows are actually from my bedroom but the pattern was great.

Humble Abode: I like to look at and live with things that make me smile. I loathe pretension and the idea of not being able to roughhouse for fear of breaking something. My things are things, even if they are things that I enjoy looking at or sitting on.

Diamonds In The Rough: I have a terribly awesome habit of dragging random stuff home from flea markets, junkyards, even the side of the road and then deciding where it goes or who to gift it to.

Creative Collector: As far as artwork goes, there’s a piece from Costa Rica, a little drawing from Paris. My good friend, Matt, did the praying mantis piece above the couch.

Full House: I don’t like dead space, it’s probably not so feng shui of me, but I like to be visually engaged. If there is empty space on my wall, it is just because I haven’t found the thing that goes there yet.

Plant Therapy: My favorite things are the plant stands. I love seeing things grow and flourish. I talk to the plants and name them and haven’t been committed yet.

Personal Space: People are often impressed by the speed with which I can make a space mine. I sometimes switch things out with something I feel is more me at that moment and let the other piece go to a good home. I don’t deliberate too much on things; I go with instinct and sturdy nails.