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Tea for Two

Keep the brew warm and the holiday bright.

Spice up your annual cookie swap or gift exchange with a holiday tea. Break out your favorite china, seasonal florals, and easy-to-make finger foods for a relaxed holiday happening that won’t involve the dreaded supermarket haul.

Shot on location at Tea on the Tiber. Small gem vase ($12) at Trohv. Glass plate, 7 inches ($5.50) at Trohv. Glass plate, 6 inches ($4) at Trohv. Artisan luster glass tealight holder ($5) at Trohv. Agate table top ($265) at Trohv. Forest votive holder ($11) at Trohv. Lilla mercury tealight holder ($10.50) at Trohv. B. Willow Tillandsia air plant ($40) at Trohv. Large Linea pillar candle ($22) at Trohv. Medium Linea pillar candle ($16) at Trohv. Tea cups, tea pot, tiered tray, silverware, & finger foods courtesy of Tea on the Tiber. Flowers courtesy of Steelcut Flower Co.