In Her Hands

Dr. Leigh Ann Curl has become a trusted member of the Ravens.

When you ask Dr. Leigh Ann Curl about her most memorable moments as the head orthopedic surgeon with the Baltimore Ravens, she doesn’t talk about Dennis Pitta’s hips or Marshal Yanda’s knees or Joe Flacco’s back.

“I remember the excitement of the first NFL season,” Curl said, recalling 1999, when she was added to the Ravens’ staff by their then-head orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Claude T. Moorman. “Certainly, I had self-doubts. I was young and didn’t have much experience. I remember the two Super Bowl years [2000 and 2012 seasons]. It is what they play the games for. Whatever minute role you had in it, you certainly appreciate as a team physician what it takes to get there. So many never get there.”

During the course of a football season, Curl, 53, gets to know everyone—players, families, agents and coaches. And she gets to see how hard they work, how much the game means to them. 

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