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Orioles Tickets More Limited Than Ever

Officials announce options and prices for ALCS and World Series tickets.

This Orioles post-season, even with all of its excitement, has been costing fans a pretty penny. According to the secondary market ticket site, the highest price for the recently concluded ALDS against the Tigers was $249 for game two (that’s compared to the highest price for the 2012 ALDS against the Yankees at $180).

And, not surprisingly, ticket prices for the ALCS are even higher on the secondary market, with the average asking price around $468 for games one and two, $511 for game six, and $624 for game seven. 

However, there are still a few options left for fans to buy tickets off the Orioles website. Until 5 p.m. tonight, fans can put down a deposit for a 20-game 2015 season plan and be guaranteed a purchase opportunity for games one or two tomorrow at 10 a.m. (Officials may extend the deadline as well).

If buying a season plan isn’t your thing, you can also try your luck tomorrow, as the Orioles will host a public sale on its website at noon (most expensive ticket for the ALCS on their site is $225; most expensive for World Series is $350). 

“We probably could have liquidated all of our inventory, but we thought it was important to have some tickets for the public,” says Greg Bader, Orioles vice president of communications. “Availability will be extremely limited, and tickets—which will be primarily scattered single seats, limited view seating, and standing-room only—will sell out in 10 or 15 minutes.” The maximum number of tickets one person can buy is four, and Bader advises that fans chances for games 6 and 7 are the most promising.

Bader, who has been with the Orioles organization for 21 years, says that this has been the most high-demand period for tickets he’s ever seen. “2012 was fantastic in terms of great demand,” he says. “But our season-ticket holder base was a lot smaller then. Now there are so many more plan-holders, fans are going to feel like tickets are even more scarce.”

So, good luck to everyone getting Orioles tickets through the website, on the secondary market, or are lucky enough to happen upon them. Though it’s quite the price tag, there should be plenty of priceless moments ahead.