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Four Classic Fashion Trends to Renew This Season—And Where to Find Them

This season calls for owning your personal style with classic pieces and tried-and-true staples.
Shiny silver boots at Poppy & Stella. —Courtesy of Poppy & Stella via Facebook

Trends have always been ephemeral—there’s a reason they don’t call them permanents. But thanks to social media, trends now seem to be moving faster than ever. One week you’re supposed to wear a sheer dress, the next a bomber jacket. If you’re overwhelmed with the weekly fashion roulette, we have good news: This season calls for owning your personal style with classic pieces and tried-and-true staples.

Untailored Blouses: Sure, there are dad jeans, but have you heard of the dad button-down? It’s not really a thing, but that’s the vibe we’re going for with an oversized, loose-fit blouse—something that’s a little more blasé than polished, but chic nonetheless. The options are endless, whether you dress up with heels or down with jeans; play with wide collars or billowy sleeves; button up all the way or only from the waist to the chest; tuck in the hem or let it hang free—it’s dealer’s choice, and you can’t really go wrong.

Try: Sassanova. Multiple locations including 805 Aliceanna Street, 410-244-1114

Metallic Fabrics: Metallics certainly lean more on the daring side of the style spectrum, but textures are just as important as shape when building a complete wardrobe. All that glitters is not gold—it could be purple, green, or hot pink for spring. Leaning into the playfulness that is a shiny fabric in your favorite color can add a little more personality to an otherwise humdrum outfit.

Try: Poppy & Stella. Multiple locations including 824 Kenilworth Drive, Towson, 443-841-7523

Simple Silhouettes: Column dresses have never gone out of style for a good reason; they’re simple to wear and flatter any body type. It’s the less-is-more mindset, and more often than not, it’s stunning. This season’s runway reintroduces the silhouette with more modern drapery, playing with deep scoop necks and, if you’re feeling bold, bare midriffs. You can never go wrong with a classic.

Try: Brightside Boutique. Multiple locations including 915 W 36th Street, 410-814-0595

Hemline Extension: There’s something equally sophisticated and nonchalant about a longer hemline. Maxi skirts are back in every iteration: voluminous with pleats and ruffles or denim that’s straight and slick. You may even notice that you feel less inclined to hem your too-long trousers, opting for an undone-on-purpose vibe. If you’re looking to project a sense of freedom but with refinement, go long.

Try: Hunting Ground. 3649 Falls Road, 410-243-0789