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Bow Hunting

From traditional to trendy, the bow tie makes a comeback.

After many years in the dark depths of Fashion Past, the bow tie has been resurrected. With more men taking more pride in their appearance and the overall fit of their clothing, the bow tie has reappeared on everyone from traditional fiftysomething businessmen to trendy twentysomething hipsters.

Preppy Plaid
“Plaid Bow Tie” ($59) at Carolina Moon Designs.

Super Stripes
True Forum blue and brown stripes bow tie ($49) at The QG

The Force Awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens bow tie ($26) at Dandynamic

Pink Panther
Pink and blue bow tie ($26) at Dandynamic

Coming Up Daisies
Carolina Moon Designs gray bow tie with floral print ($59) at Carolina Moon Designs

Little Dipper
Zodiac constellations bow tie ($26) at Dandynamic

Crab Imperial
Maryland crab bow tie ($26) at Dandynamic

Lime Time
Christopher Schafer green bow tie with pink, blue, and white stripes ($50) at Christopher Schafer Clothier

Orange Crush
Drake’s London hand-made orange bow tie with blue dots ($150) at Samuel Parker Clothier

Puppy Love
Christopher Schafer silver bow tie with dog pattern ($50) at Christopher Schafer Clothier