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3 Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites: Clairvoyant Insight & Revelations

Here are the top 3 sites that offer Online Tarot Card Reading Services via phone, email and chat to give you a glimpse of your future.
By Green Living

Tarot card reading is a unique blend of ancient symbolism, allegorical interpretations, and psychic energies. From the outside, tarot card reading can seem strange or overly esoteric, but in practice, it is a reasonably direct and effective way to divine one’s future pathways. The power of tarot isn’t lost to time, but its deeper meanings are just as relevant to our modern-day life as they were for the first users hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. For those seeking more profound illumination into the mysteries and challenges of their lives, a genuine tarot reading is still an invaluable tool.

With that said, our online reality has made it both easier and more challenging to find a good tarot card reader. There are thousands of cartomancy practitioners working online today, and they are not hard to find. The problem is that many of those who claim such abilities are not always truthful–or at least skilled enough to provide a service worth paying for.

To help those who wish to find a true high-quality tarot card reading but don’t have the time to look through hundreds of sites and profiles, we have put together this helpful guide. In this guide, we will not only cover the 3 best sites you can visit today, but we will also delve into the history and practice of tarot card reading. By the end, you should have a very good idea of what services are right for you, and just how this centuries-old practice is made to work.

The 3 Best Tarot Card Reading Services in 2021

  1. Keen: The Best Psychic Network
  2. Mysticsense: The Best for Finding ‘Advice’ Psychics
  3. Kasamba: The Place to Find the Best Cartomancers

How Did We Create Our List?

There is a seemingly endless amount of tarot card reading services being offered online today, and it can be pretty tricky to pick through all of this noise to find the services that provide the best value and results for their customers. To help you sort through these many options, we have taken the time to test and review dozens of possible tarot-reading sites and put together criteria that allow us to rate and evaluate each service objectively.

The first level of our criteria was basic to any online service; These were:

  • The ease of site navigation
  • The customer service on-site
  • The price of the service
  • The general quality and value of the tarot reading

After separating out the sites that were unable to handle these basic criteria, we were left with tarot card services that were of a much higher quality. These were all “good” products, but most were far from the best. From here, we started to carefully examine and test out the sites and to really compare them to one another.

In the end, we were left with three sites that we felt were the truly greatest options to be found online today.

The 3 Best Tarot Card Reading Services You Can Use Today

While there are a ton of sub-par and gimmicky services out there that sometimes even offer free tarot card readings, these three are the real deal. Here are our choices for the best tarot card reading services you can use right now.

1. Keen: The Best Psychic Network


  • A huge variety of services, including tarot reading, as well as mediums and astrologers.
  • An easy-to-navigate site that helps you find the perfect expert for your needs.
  • More choice allows you to naturally gravitate towards those who meld well with your needs.
  • Able to pick from a wide variety of prices.


  • Sometimes more options can lead to more indecision. The large number of choices may make picking someone a bit of a chore.

The Keen site is an extensive network of psychics and talented spiritual advisors that offers a wide variety of services to help guide you. Keen is home to thousands of experts, each with their own specialties, and provides everything from tarot readings to astrological compatibility and mediumship readings. Their online tarot card reading services specifically are well managed, and the site gives you easy access to a huge number of very skilled readers. They also have an offer for a three-minute free tarot reading.

You can sort through your options based on price, experience, and reviews, providing you complete control over your tarot reading experience. There are psychics with only a handful of readings and decent prices, as well as those with tens of thousands of happy customers who may have more of a premium demand. You can allow the energies to guide you, or go with what options feel the best, providing you the ability to match with a reader who best compliments the forces driving your life.

Why we love it: Keen provides a large variety of psychic and spiritual services that are all offered by various experts of different levels and styles. You will never find a better network of readers, mediums, and psychics all in one place.

Learn more at


2. Mysticsense: The Best for Finding ‘Advice’ Psychics


  • A huge amount of very specific psychic services for niche needs.
  • Great tarot readers as well as other rarer cartomancy options.
  • Easy to navigate and find highly experienced psychics.
  • Great rates and prices for most services.


  • Lack of mobile apps–they’re working on one, but as of publication date for this article, an app is not yet ready.

Mysticsense is similar to Keen in that it offers you the choice of perusing through a large number of highly rated tarot card readers, psychics, mediums and other experts. The main difference here is how these experts are divided up and the specialties that the spiritual advisors on Mysticsense tend to gravitate towards. On Mysticsense, you can focus more on areas like LGBTQ relationships, lost objects, and the seeking of a soulmate. At the same time, you can still find a huge selection of those practicing tarot reading and other forms of cartomancy.

At Mysticsense, you can get your readings done across a wide variety of mediums such as the phone, through web chat or SMS, or a simple video call. This will be up to you and the psychic expert you are utilizing, but it gives you many options to choose from, no matter how busy your schedule is. For your first session only, you can get a five-minute free tarot reading.

Why we love it: Mysticsense is another network of psychics, mediums, and cartomancers that is both easy to navigate and easy to use. There are a ton of options to help you narrow down your choice, so you can find exactly who you need.

Learn more at


3. Kasamba: The Site to Find the Best Cartomancers


  • A highly selective network of skilled psychics.
  • Able to find the best in areas as diverse as dream interpretations and career forecasts.
  • A great site run by those with over 20 years of experience.
  • Some of the best online cartomancy experts working today.


  • The high quality tends to come at slightly higher rates per minute.

While the other sites on our list give you access to hundreds of different tarot readers to choose from, Kasamba instead has a highly selective number of around 20 curated cartomancers with incredible track records. While this means you are not choosing from a vast variety of niche specialties, it does mean that you are getting access to some of the best tarot card readers available today. Almost all the card readers on Kasamba have thousands of reviews and are all in the four and five-star range.

With all their services, you would expect another huge network of psychics ranging in quality, but even across all their services, Kasamba has kept themselves to under 75 high-quality and proven specialists. Still, they are very experienced in working with their customers as they have been operating since 1999 and have served more than 3 million people! Very few other sites have taken the same amount of time to build up the large number of qualified and proven mediums and psychics that Kasamba has.

Why we love it: While Kasamba itself also focuses on a number of services such as tarot cards, astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation, they are much more selective in the actual psychics and mediums which they promote. This can make it much easier for a new customer to find a very high-quality service.

Learn more at

Understanding Tarot Readings

Now that you have an idea of what the best tarot card reading services available online today are, we can begin to look at tarot card reading itself. Tarot cards can be a pretty big topic depending on how deeply you want to delve into it. We have collected some of the key questions and topics regarding tarot card readings and presented them below. They should give you a much better idea of their history and usage.

Where Does Tarot Card Reading Come From?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the mystical arts of cartomancy, and more specifically tarot, have a mysterious and highly debated past. There is a large amount of disagreement between historians, practitioners, and mystics around both the origins and purpose of the first tarot decks.

Some believe that the origins of the mystical decks came from gypsy travelers who brought with them the esoteric practices of the exotic East. Another similar assumption that many historians seem to gravitate towards is that the decks came into Europe following the Ottoman-Turkish conquests of Greece and their subsequent invasions into Eastern Europe. Both theories seem to indicate a likely relation to Northern Indian or Middle Eastern practices. A third theory that came about later was that the first tarot decks were brought into Italy during the Roman Conquests of Egypt and are based on ancient Egyptian mystical practices.

Regardless of their origin, the earliest tarot decks that still exist today date back roughly six hundred years ago to Italy. This era heavily inspired the images and names on the cards, and the depiction of characters such as the Fool and Death, come from costumes worn in late-medieval carnivals and parades. The images were updated to reflect the aspects of the everyday lives of the people that lived at that time and incorporated a good amount of Christian symbolism that likely wasn’t a part of the original Eastern decks.

During the popular era of the occult in the late 19th century and early 20th century, the tarot deck that is most commonly used today was designed. This is known as the Waite-Smith deck. Members of a secret society called the The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, commissioned a half-Jamaican artist named Pamela Colman Smith (1878-1951) to design a deck based around the Sola-Busca tarot deck from the early 1490s and Kabbalistic symbolism. Before this commission, most tarot decks only had imagery on the major arcana cards.

How Does Tarot Card Reading Work?

While there are hundreds of different designs and styles, the standard tarot deck of today is based on the decks from medieval Italy, such as the Venetian or the Piedmontese tarot, which were updated into the modern Waite-Smith or Rider-Waite tarot deck. These tarot decks consist of 78 cards broken up into main groups, known as the major arcana and minor arcana. The major arcana consists of 22 cards and has pictures of characters that signify major vices or virtues.

Major arcana characters in the Rider-Waite tarot deck such as the lightning-struck tower, the hanged man, the sun, and the last judgment have all become major influences for art and culture for over a hundred years.

The major arcana cards signify major aspects of life. For example:

  • The Death card represents transitions, endings, and eliminations.
  • The Magician is a representation of concentration, power, action, and awareness.
  • The Fool is a variation of folly, spontaneity, and beginnings.

The minor arcana cards number 56 and they are divided between four suites–very similar to the cards in a deck today. These suits are typically represented by wands (clubs), swords (spades), coins (diamonds), and cups (hearts). Like modern playing cards, there are 10 numbered cards in each suit as well as four court cards: a Jack, a Queen, a King, and a Knight.

When telling a fortune, each card is given a meaning. Generally, the major arcana cards will represent spiritual matters and essential themes in one’s life, while the minor arcana will represent more mundane aspects such as career (wands), love (hearts), conflict (swords), and material goods (coins).

The deck is shuffled by the one seeking a fortune, it is said this is when the seeker transfers their energy to the cards, and they should be focused on their question or the area of life in which they require enlightenment. Then several cards will be laid out by the fortune teller in a unique pattern called a spread. There are many different spreads, each of which has its own purpose or meaning. Some spreads are based on the type of information being sought, while others may try to focus more on a specific emotion or intention. As the cards are revealed within the spread, their meaning and what they signify will be altered by the direction they are facing and the cards that they are revealed to be alongside.

There are even multiple types of readings, such as an open reading and a question reading. An open reading focuses on the larger, more meta-aspects of your life, and will often give you insights into things like your future career or love life but are typically less specific. A question reading is more focused, typically on a single query. Keep in mind that tarot readings are not designed around yes or no questions, and instead should be used to help you guide yourself to make your own decision on matters. The way a question is asked will also be very important. You must make sure you are not seeking specific answers ahead of time; be focused, but not too detailed, in the way you ask the cards. Instead of asking about a single aspect of a problem or an action you should take, you should instead seek a better understanding of the issue in order to better guide your actions. Do not inject any preconceived intentions into a question.

How Can Tarot Reading Benefit Me?

Suffice to say, any practice that has lasted for over 500 years is likely to provide a certain amount of benefit to those who utilize it. The ability of tarot cards to help us is one of the primary reasons it has lasted through the centuries.

For many of us, it can be hard to get sleep when we have so many questions or worries running through our brain. The uncertainty and chaos of life is often overwhelming, and for those able to believe in a greater force than what we can witness with the naked eye, tarot card reading provides a way to seek solace and a sense of purpose. Tarot readings allow you to alleviate your worries, prepare for unfortunate events, or simply get an idea of what the future may hold for you. While tarot card readings won’t always provide clear answers, they can allow you to center yourself and seek a more cohesive way forward.

What every individual gets out of any given reading will be wholly up to them and the energies they put into the experience. For some, it may provide comfort, while for others it offers the ability to move on into a new job or lifestyle with determination. For lack of a better term, you get out of a tarot reading what you put into it.

Difference Between Online and Face-to-Face Tarot Readings

Tarot reading relies greatly upon the emotions, energy, and personality of the person seeking to have a reading. Traditionally these practices were done in person, but that does not always have to be the case. Even classic fortune readings are done mainly with the trained card reader flipping and translating the meaning of the cards themselves. With a phone or online tarot readings, the seeker is still the one asking the questions and generating the energy that drives the cards. A skilled card reader will typically have no trouble discerning a fortune whether the person is two feet, or 2,000 miles away as the esoteric, or spiritual realm, does not work within the same physical structure as we understand it in the material world.

Just as two lovers still feel the pull towards one another from opposite ends of the earth, the cards may still draw upon and work with one’s energy, no matter how distant they are.

Most of the best tarot card readers work only online, as this way they can reach and interact with the largest number of people in a day. Online readings also allow one a greater amount of anonymity and choice. You must just ensure that the online service you are using is being conducted by a trained reader and not a service that is using simple software or gimmicks.

What Do I Pay Attention to When Choosing a Psychic?

While it is possible to do tarot reading yourself, many prefer the help of trained psychics who understand the many emotional energies that can cloud an accurate reading. Different physics have different strengths, and different services focus on different types of psychics. A psychic’s personality may play a big role in how you experience a reading, but you should not let it cloud your judgment of a service. The most powerful and accurate psychic won’t always be the person you enjoy the most, so you must be able to see past surface-level emotions. But at the same time, you don’t want to spend your time around someone you dislike. Try to weigh your personal feelings for a person or a service against the results they provide. Many fake or gimmicky services simply employ friendly people who want to be nice to you and make you feel better, but who rarely give you a reading worth anything.

To this end, ask around. Use reviews like the ones in this article, as well as the experiences your friends and family have had to help guide you. And take advantage of offers for a free tarot reading on well-respected sites, even if it’s just for a few minutes. The more you know about a service, the better a decision you can make regarding whether or not a particular tarot or psychic service is right for you.

Avoid services that offer you outlandish promises, or suggest that they can change your future. A tarot reading draws from the energies you have and that are to come; they cannot actively give you anything. Anyone that says they can provide you with a better future, outside of better understanding, are simply trying to get your money.

The last point is your “feelings” about someone. This is not to be confused with how much you like someone. In many cases, you may feel a pull or a draw to a psychic, or that they are someone with whom you have some sort of connection. This can simply be their ability to read and draw from your aura. Don’t ignore these feelings as this is a clear sign that they will be able to give you a good reading. Just be sure you don’t mistake the draw of power with that of charisma. Or, to say it another way, follow your natural intuition, just be sure you are not being misled.

Frequently Asked Tarot Card Reading Questions

These are other common questions about tarot readings that do not require such in-depth answers.

  • Does tarot predict the future?

This is a highly complex question and deals with fate and free will. Though, keep in mind, even scientists will say that time is simply a way in which we perceive things and is not truly what we believe it to be. With that in mind, it may be a little easier to see how a tarot reading is both tapping into the future that has already occurred, as well as the decisions you are yet to make. We do not know for certain how free will or time truly works, or if we can truly affect it, but we are confident that we each still have many choices left to make in our lives.

A tarot reading may give you the tools to change your destiny, or it may simply allow you to come to terms with what may happen. That is the true question about the nature of our lives.

  • Why do different psychics have different meanings for the same cards? 

The best analogy for this is paint. All master painters will use the same colors but to achieve very different results. Tarot cards are not items to be read individually; they work with one another in their spread to offer a deeper meaning. How a particular psychic perceives a card will dictate how that card shows up in a spread to best answer your question. While some painters will layer on light greens to achieve shading, others will simply opt for a dark green from the outset. The cards are meant to be read by a psychic on their own terms, and the energies that drive the spread must adapt to the one who is doing the reading. For this reason, different psychics will have, and should have, different interpretations of the cards which are drawn.

  • Are tarot cards evil or bad spiritually?

No, tarot cards are simply a neutral tool with which to perform divinations. The idea that tarot cards are “evil” is a holdover from the days of the strict and all-powerful political European church structure—the same people who thought burning witches alive was a good thing. You only have to look up the Cathar revolts and other “heretical religions” to understand why making similar claims today are not only hypocritical but merely simple attempts to hold onto power.

In truth, tarot cards are a reflection of ourselves, and they are no better or evil than those who wield them. Just as a hammer can be used to both build and destroy, so can tarot cards work as an extension of our own internal will. If you feel lighter, more hopeful, or more determined by a reading, then you are simply tapping into the positive energies you yourself are providing, while the same is true for negative outcomes.


Getting a tarot card reading can be both fun and rewarding, and with online services, it is easier than ever. You can easily contact any of the services we listed here to get a real, high-quality tarot reading at really fair rates. Every listed site in this article is also ready to give you a reading today. Remember to be clear with your intentions and be open to a new experience.