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Bmore Social: Cupid’s Undie Run

A visual recap of the tenth-annual fun run, which raises awareness and research dollars in the fight against neurofibromatosis.
By Sloane Brown

Cupid’s Undie Run
February 3, 2024
12-4 p.m.
Ryleigh’s Oyster 

Combine a little exhibitionism with a healthy sense of humor and a worthy cause and you get the Cupid’s Undie Run. The annual event raises awareness and research dollars in the fight against neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition in which tumors grow on nerves throughout the body. While Cupid’s Undie Runs take place all around the country, this was the tenth year for Baltimore, and the first time the route (previously downtown) stepped off from Timonium.

About 120 participated this year, gathering at Ryleigh’s Oyster to compare their various stages of undress before the 2:15 p.m. sprint around the block. It didn’t matter if you lost sight of the crowd, you knew where they were by the chorus of car horns applauding them as they dashed down the sidewalk of York Road.  

Then it was back to Ryleigh’s for music and mingling the rest of the afternoon. The event raised some $42,000.  

Left to right: Baltimore Cupid’s Undie Run directors: Brian Robinson; Kim Robinson; Alex Vassila. The Robinson’s son is NF-affected.
Left to right: Gary Moulsdale, financial advisor; Shelly Moulsdale, operations research analyst; Chris Moulsdale, IT director/Wilmington Cupid’s Undie Race director; Caroline Moulsdale, ABC Crate owner/Wilmington Cupid’s Undie Race director. Chris and Caroline Moulsdale have a daughter with NF1.
Left to right: Amanda Kitson, medical supervisor; Jeff Pereira, operations manager; Catie Amsden, project manager; Emily Galen, statistician
Left to right: April Sanchez, restaurant server; Beckie Piatt, chaos coordinator
Left to right: Matt Nicholson, heavy equipment mechanic; Patrick Young, pest control inspector; Abbie Young, University of Maryland Medical Center RN; Claire Duarte, The Columbia Mom owner/creator
Left to right: David Van, cybersecurity expert; Brady Dell, naked lifeguard; Carson Smyser, sales representative
Left to right: Kevin Bass, restaurant manager/teacher; Sherene Woodard, energy analyst
Left to right: David deVilliers, executive vice president; Beth deVilliers, community volunteer
Left to right: Travel nurse RN’s: Daniel Nelson; Ivan Alvarenga
Most of the day’s participants had to go on the hunt for a fun ensemble to sport for the event.  Not so for Cassidy Brewer.
As the national development manager for Cupid’s Undie Run, the Colorado resident goes to four Undie Runs around the country each year—which means she’s got the wardrobe covered.
“I jeuje it here and there,” she said.
For the Baltimore race, Cassidy donned white faux-fur legwarmers, Nike running shoes (and hidden Cupid socks), a black tank, a red gladiator bra, and a red sequin fringe mini skirt—to which she added her “old school Cupid’s Undie Run fanny pack.”
Cassidy said she generally adds a pair of wings to her outfit. This time, Wilmington race director Caroline Moulsdale lent her a pair she had made of real feathers.
And those ombre heart-shaped sunglasses?
“I stole them from my 8-year-old daughter, Kaia,” Cassidy said sheepishly.