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Justin Tucker Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

And other top news from Baltimore sports this week.

By Max Weiss | December 2, 2016, 1:07 pm

-Courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens
The Chatter

Justin Tucker Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

And other top news from Baltimore sports this week.

By Max Weiss | December 2, 2016, 1:07 pm

-Courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens

Justin Tucker gets better and better.
Justin Tucker made three 50-plus yard field goals in the Ravens’ 19-14 win over the Bengals on Sunday, tying an NFL record. He hasn’t missed a single kick this season and has scored 44 percent of the Ravens points. And now the team’s clear MVP wants more—and his coach has his back. Tucker is proposing a rule change to a league that has shown it’s amenable to fun tweaks (for example, making extra points longer this year, adding a little suspense to what was previously all but academic): What if a team was rewarded a point for a kickoff that goes through the uprights? Of course, it’s a tad self-serving that Tucker, one of only a handful of kickers in the league who could perform such a feat (the Raiders’ Sebastian Janikowski has done it), would make such a suggestion. But we like it!

And if it sounds unlikely, note that Ravens Coach John Harbaugh is on board: “I’m on record advocating that should be a point. I’m serious now, kinda,” he said on Sunday. “Really, how exciting would that make it, for him to make these kickoff touchbacks so valuable? Let’s do it. Let’s go for it.” Okay, maybe he’s a little biased, too.

Justin Tucker is a card.
Tucker started into his press conference on Sunday by saying, “You guys smell that? Smells like updog.”

“What’s updog?” a reporter said—either falling for it, or let’s charitably say he was playing along.

“Nothing much, man, what’s up with you?” Tucker replied, with a gleeful grin.

Where’s a rim shot when you need one?

Justin Tucker gets recognized.
Surprising absolutely no one, Tucker was named the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week. Way to go, Updog!

Justin Tucker needs a new nickname.
Tragically, Legitron is taken. Let’s come up with a new one:

Justin “Updog” Tucker

Justin “Fancy Feet” Tucker

Justin “the Kicker Picker-Upper” Tucker

Justin “The Golden Foot” Tucker

Please add your suggestions in the comments.

The Cardiac Kids finally run out of luck
The Terps, led by some promising freshmen and senior guard Melo Trimble, have played a particularly exciting—and nerve-wracking—brand of basketball this season, with come-from-behind wins against Richmond and Kansas State, and an absolutely thrilling last-minute win against Georgetown. But on Tuesday’s ACC/Big 10 Challenge (it’s really hard to remember that we’re the “Big 10” half of that game), the Terps got into a hole against the Pittsburgh Panthers that was too big to climb out of, and they lost their first game of the season, 73-59. Here’s a thought, guys. Why not try playing with a lead?

We can’t get enough of this Beats by Dre commercial featuring Nicki Minaj, Rebel Wilson, Steve Buscemi, and Michael Phelps doing the cutest push-up of all time.

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