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245 Albemarle St., Baltimore, MD, 21202


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Small, cozy dessert shop specializing in delicious and unique homemade bubble waffles. A bubble waffle is a Chinese, Hong Kong, to be precise, sweet snack made in a special waffle iron.

The main ingredients include eggs, flour, milk, and sugar. When choosing a bubble waffle, one can either pick one of the Specialty waffles or get creative and build their own piece of art.

In addition, Waffle-Licious offers popular coffee options, thick milkshakes, and local hand-crafted Baltimore-based ice cream.

Waffle-Licious stands behind “Feels like home, tastes like heaven” slogan, which speaks for itself. We strive to create a strong diverse community by providing high-quality homemade desserts and welcoming and embracing every customer, i.e. our friend. Visit Website