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VEEP and House of Cards represent at the Emmys

Two sources of local pride

A year ago, in this very space, we were already trumpeting the success of HBO’s VEEP, but were a little uncertain about this whole House of Cards thing.

Sure, the pedigree was unimpeachable: David Fincher as executive
producer, Kevin Spacey as lead. But Netflix? Is the world really going
to take Netflix seriously as a producer of original content?

Oh, what a difference a year makes. Because not only did House of Cards
become a much buzzed about hit (inspiring the popular debate: Is it
better to binge watch your favorite Netflix series or savor the viewing
over the course of a few weeks?), but it got nine Emmy nominations,
winning three (including Fincher for Best Director).

Meanwhile, VEEP continues to be a source of local pride,
garnering eight nominations and wins for Tony Hale (yay!) and Julia
Louis-Dreyfus, the VEEP herself (double yay!). Also, the
adorable moment where Hale (in character, mind you) assisted
Louis-Dreyfus with her speech was one of the agreed upon highlights of
the show.

“Me so happy!!!!!!”—Julia Louis-Dreyfus after the show’s big wins, on Twitter