Outside World

BSA Students Traveled to Ghana to Gain Global Perspective

On March 24, they share their experiences through performances and a documentary.

While on the week-long voyage, the students toured the University of Ghana, visited a woodcarving village, attended African drumming and dancing workshops, and toured the Elmina slave castle.

During this past year’s curriculum, they were also introduced to the works of Ghanaian playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte. On the last day of the trip, students were able to attend one of Whyte’s plays, “Women on Fire” and had the chance to meet him.

The students were able to apply what they were taught this year as well as immerse themselves in a new culture—and it’s all coming to a head March 20-25 during a week-long Africa Now festival.

Although the festival is exclusively for BSA students and parents, some events are open to the public. One event in particular, on March 24 at 6 p.m., features students in Tunisian- and Congolese-inspired musical and dance pieces, respectively, followed by a documentary the students filmed while in Ghana.

The next day will feature workshops of storytelling, coloring, and an African art petting zoo followed by a short performance from the TWIGS after-school acting program. The idea behind the festival, workshops, and trip as a whole is for these BSA students to bring back their global experiences to their classmates in Baltimore.