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The Wire: Where Are They Now?

Wherever these Wire actors end up, they remain a part of Baltimore, and we’re happy to follow them.

On June 2, it will be 15 years since HBO aired the first episode of The Wire. A no-holds-barred look at America’s failed war on drugs, the series was beloved by some for shedding light on the dark truths of our forgotten inner cities, and loathed by others (most notably then-mayor Martin O’Malley) for its not exactly tourism-friendly portrayal of Baltimore. 

In the end, though, the now cult classic became deeply ingrained in our local culture, its complex and compelling episodes forever intertwined with our city’s name, and its fledgling actors irrevocably tied to their now iconic roles. 

Over the years, we still find ourselves watching the small screen, exclaiming, “Look, it’s Omar!” (The Night Of), or, “Hey, it’s Tommy Carcetti!” (Game of Thrones . . . sorry, O’Malley). Wherever they wind up—be it in the next HBO blockbuster, some big-name movie, or as regular Charm City residents—these actors remain a part of Baltimore, and we’re happy to follow them wherever they go.

Tap to enlarge. —Infographic by Stephanie Shafer