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Chris Davis becomes Crush Davis

Davis had a historical season

Chris Davis had a historical season—to say the least.

He started out strong, homering in each of his first four games
(including a grand slam on Opening Day), becoming just the fourth player
in MLB history to do so.

He’s also the third player in history to hit 50 or more home runs
(53) and 40 or more doubles (42) in a single season, along with Albert
Belle and Babe Ruth. Not to mention, he led the MLB in extra-base hits
and pretty much mastered his new position at first base, garnering a
.996 fielding percentage with just six errors in 155 games.

All of this meant that Camden Yards was soon filled with “Crush
Davis” T-shirts and, on any given night, there was a good chance you
could see him hit one out of the park.

Sure, the Orioles didn’t make the playoffs this year, but we’ve got
to credit Davis—an All-Star and solid candidate for American League MVP,
whose bombs accounted for exactly one-quarter of the O’s total
homers—for taking the team as far as he did.

“When he stands in the batter’s box with that upright stance he
seems cut from granite. There is, in that moment before the pitcher
tries to slip something past him, a peaceful stillness about him. Such
calmness was a long time coming, and offers no hint of the forthcoming
violence of his swing.”—Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated