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Water World

City asks architecture firm Ayers Saint Gross to design a new plan for the Inner Harbor.

McKeldin Plaza

In The Plan
By changing
the intersection at Light and Pratt Streets to a “T,” McKeldin Plaza can
be expanded for more retail pavilions, cafe seating, a large garden,
and water features.

What We Think
this intersection is one of the most complicated endeavors in this
project, admits Ayers Saint Gross. But, if they pull it off, we hope the
additional retail pavilions will feature local stores and no more

Pedestrian Bridge

In The Plan
proposed 800-foot pedestrian bridge that would connect Harbor East and
Federal Hill, and would open when needed to allow for visiting ships.

What We Think
Greater Baltimore Committee——which has been pushing this idea for
years——says that it would cost $30-60 million. While this is a hefty
price tag, and residents can already use the water taxi for this route,
we love the idea of connecting the two ’hoods.

West Shore Park

In The Plan
an elevated lookout for boat watching, a new finger pier to dock
commercial ships, a stage, a ticketing station, and a bike share.

What We Think
Shore Park (along with Peerce’s Park) is probably the best example of
positive, recent change in the Harbor. With these improvements (we
especially love the bike share), the rest of the Inner Harbor should
take West Shore’s lead.

Kayak Launches

In The Plan
kayak launching points at the Maryland Science Center, World Trade
Center, Pier 5, and Harbor East. The inlet between Pier 5 and 6 lends
itself to a kayak course.

What We Think
idea of additional kayak launching points is a great one for
residents——more so than just the touristy dragon boats. This will also
help better connect the overall 10-mile waterfront promenade throughout
the city.

Rash Field

In The Plan
cues from Brooklyn Bridge Park and Waterfront Seattle, officials want
to redesign Rash Field as a 24/7 public space with an open lawn, a barge
pool, public beach, and playgrounds.

What We Think
we love the idea of more green space——including wetlands and
bio-retention fields——we understand the concerns of residents who use
Rash Field for beach volleyball, as that space would now be
significantly smaller.