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The Baltimore Grill: Lisa Robinson

The news anchor on her fear of bridges, doggie desk droppings, and her BFF Deborah Weiner.

WBAL’s Lisa Robinson, one of the hardest working women in news, shares some of the spiky wit and wisdom that gets her through the day.

What book or film most changed your life?
I cannot stop reflecting on the book I just finished called Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill. He got his master’s in writing from Johns Hopkins. They taught him well. It’s inspired by the Book of Negroes, which can be found in the U.S. National Archives.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?
Learning how to cook. Now no one else in my family seems to know how to do this.

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
I’d like to say drive across a bridge, but I don’t think the 41st Street Bridge counts!

What is the greatest problem facing Baltimore today?
One is a lack of parental guidance and the breakdown of the family unit. And you have to throw in pants on the ground! Please, young people, put a belt on.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?
Deborah Weiner. Our lives have taken so many similar paths it’s uncanny. The same words come out of our mouths at the same time. Weird. She just needs a little tan and the role is hers.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Me and my Nook and no one to bother me. Make it a rainy day and I’m in heaven.

Does getting up early on weekends ever get easier?
Getting up early gets harder. There’s nothing like waking at 2:45 a.m. It is the middle of the night. I sometimes have no idea how I even get here. But I love the show.

Any incidents involving Dr. Kim and his dogs?
I stay away from Dr. Kim and his dogs. The last time I did a segment with him the puppies did their business on the news desk. That was quite a moment.

Is there a secret I-Team handshake?
No secret handshake. We have a look. And have you noticed Jayne [Miller] is the only one who gets to cross her arms in the promos?

Most gratifying I-Team moment?
Shedding light on slum landlords and the conditions they let their tenants live in while they lived like fat cats. Thanks to my investigation, the city took legal action against the landlords.