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Do you believe in the concept of soul mates?

Joseph Di Seta, database analyst: Definitely. I am married to mine. Five years married, but feel like I have known her a lifetime.

Shira Bethea, actress/model: I most certainly do. There are a number of people you can make it work with, but there’s only one soul mate. If you’re doubting or questioning your partner, chances are they’re not the one.

Lee Ann Dolly, administrative assistant coordinator: It may not be love at first sight, but there is a person out there for everyone. My husband and I spark a flame in each other. We call each other mo anam cara, meaning my soul mate in Gaelic.

Hope Jordan, independent college access counselor and educational adviser: No. Seeking a soul mate limits my life. Why burden life with the term soul mate? If I went into relationships pondering if the person was my soul mate, well, I am not living; I am expecting. Avoid labeling people or feelings. It will keep you content and allow you to see the good in everyone.