Home Stretch

Local fitness gurus tell us their essential at-home workouts.
Charmed Life Workout

As social distancing measures continue, at-home workouts have become all the rage. We asked four fitness instructors what workout moves they find just as effective as being in a gym.

Plank Up-Downs

Rebecca Voelpel, program director and instructor at Soulbody Fitness.

1. Start in a full plank. Lower one elbow after the other onto the mat, moving into an elbow plank.

2. Lift back up by putting one hand onto the mat, straightening the elbow. Repeat with the other hand to return to the full plank position.

Bear Crawl Squat

Juanita Thompson, personal trainer at Young Fitness for Life

1. Starting in a tabletop position, press hips slightly up in the air with legs slightly bent.
2. Begin crawling forward with the right hand and left foot moving at the same time, followed by the left hand and right foot. Take three steps forward and three steps back.
3. Come up into a squat and hold for three seconds.

Glute Bridge

Ali Smith, owner and instructor at True Balance Studio.

1. Laying on your back, lift your glutes with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. For a challenge, rest your feet on a Swiss ball and add a resistance band above your knees.
2. Hold for 10 seconds, then press the hips up and down for desired reps.


Jami Crist, RevCycle instructor and sports marketing manager at Under Armour.

1. Start on your hands and knees shoulder-width apart on the ground.
2. Lift your knees off the ground to bring your body into full extension with toes and hands pressing against the ground.
3. Keep feet shoulder-width apart, hands below your shoulders, core flexed tight, and hips lifted for a stable position. Your body should be connected in a long line, with neck and spine in a neutral, even position.